About Us

Ever Bloom Organics is a small family run company based in South Africa. We strongly believe in providing affordable access to CBD, ensuring everyone can access its remarkable benefits.
Our managing director and founder was exposed to both farm and city lifestyles, and helped grow his appreciation for the nature that provides for us as well as the importance of the economy in our society today. This love for nature and finding ways to benefit from it pushed him to pursue a Bachelor of Agriculture Degree from the University of the Free State, in order to contribute to a sustainable future. He has a strong belief in trying to harness what nature provides for us naturally.

As a proud South African company, we strive to support locally made products and want to see our nation benefit from our presence. Therefore, we try and source all our raw materials locally to ensure EBO contributes to the economy. We provide natural and organic CBD products that contain no harmful substances, chemicals or fragrances, only naturally scented essential oils.
We believe that nature provides for us and thus our company not only strives to leave no impact in our wake but also to enrich the environment that provides our base product.
We create our products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and none of our products are tested on animals. We encourage the recycling of our packaging materials so as to not add to the one-use plastic industry that can be harmful to our environment.  Our love for animals shine through our animal cruelty free products as no animal should suffer for the benefit of humans.
We hope to soon have a pet friendly CBD range available.

As a small business we are able to provide affordable CBD options and by selling wholesale we are able to help other local businesses potentially increase their profits and customer base so as to allow them to afford to sell CBD legally where they cannot do so on their own means. By selling wholesale we hope to spread the success and allow as many people as possible to benefit.

Creating Our Brand

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